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Writing romance books that are sweet to sexy, all very spicy.
Contemporary romance and romantic thrillers.

Is he protecting her from the enemy…or himself?

Sergeant Alessa Parrino is one of the toughest soldiers in her unit. But does she have what it takes to fight her growing attraction to Lieutenant Luke Williams, her CO? If she falls for a superior officer, her career is over. And the army is all she's got. Working closely with Luke on a covert mission overseas isn't helping. His caring, compassion and piercing blue eyes are weakening her resolve by the hour. But this is Alessa's last chance to prove herself and earn the promotion she desperately needs. She can't let his charms distract her from her goals, no matter how much she longs to let down her guard…

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She thought she could handle any disaster… 

Responding to a tsunami on the tiny island of Guam should be a routine assignment for Dr. Anna Atao. From epidemics to earthquakes, she's treated patients in the most dangerous and remote places on earth. Except Anna hasn't been back to Guam since a tragedy there tore her life apart—and she left behind the man she loved. Seeing Nico brings back all the pain and joy of their time together, but Anna knows he'll never leave the island. And once her deployment ends, she plans to catch the first helicopter back to the mainland. Anna may be an expert in survival, but without Nico, can she ever truly heal?

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Mending the Doctor's Heart

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